Night cruises on the Hudson River….why not? Board the Hudson River Night Liner with your automobile in New York City at 6pm and be in Albany by morning.  After you have breakfast on the ship (and according to the note on this menu cover, travelers consumed great quantities!), take your car for a ride around upstate New York and explore nearly attractions or the scenery in the Adirondacks or Berkshires.  I can’t imagine it taking 12 hours to get from the city to Albany, though!  And during the night, you’d miss the great scenery of the Hudson Valley—either you’d be asleep or looking at dark shadows of mountains!

We should recognize that the food we eat is a central part of the politics, economics of the time. It creates a social history of the nation, explains how everything happened and makes appeared to be food fads into natural consequences of the times. A study of food is essential for every scholar and historian. Food puts it all into a living reference. It doesn’t just happen.