Clifton House, Niagara Falls, Canada, July 4, 1855.

This bill of fare (rather, “fair,” as written on the cover) is dated July 4th, 1855.  The Clifton House, built in the 1830s, was located on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.  In an article about the fire that destroyed the hotel in 1898, the New York Times wrote, “The Clifton had a world-wide reputation as being the only hotel at the Falls with a view of both falls and gorge, and was the favorite with foreigners and others of wealth and station. A number of foreign crowned heads, royalty, and nobility have stopped there.” [June 26, 1898]

Take a look at that wine list!

(And take a look at the cleaned up version by Cool Culinaria…)



This week’s theme is “What I did on my summer vacation.” We’re highlighting some of the amazing 50,000 postcards available through the DPLA. 

Today, we’re looking at the variety of restaurant options available to the hungry traveller. The postcards above represent food options from California to New York and many stops in between with offerings as diverse as Italian in Nebraska, fried chicken in Texas, gourmet eating in Cincinnati, clams in NYC, a smorgasbord in Stow, and Cantonese in White Plaines. 

Where will you eat on your summer vacation?

All these postcards come from the awesome collections at the Boston Public Library, which come to DPLA via Digital Commonwealth. You should really check out the whole set. You have time—you’re on vacation!

What’s a vacation without visiting a restaurant or two? Great resource!